If you are not sure how to install your Vinidex product you are in the right place

Vinidex have developed a series of videos that show correct procedure to install a wide range of products. We’ll be adding new installation and trouble shooting videos on a regular basis so check back soon.

Akasison Siphonic Roof Drainage

Akasison roof outlet XL75 installation
Akasison bracket over the rail installation

Akatherm HDPE Drainage Systems


dBlue Acoustic Drainage Systems

Drain Waste & Vent (DWV) Systems

Durapipe SuperFLO ABS

Electrical & Communications Systems Support

FIP PVC-U SCJ Large Bore Fittings

FRIATEC Electrofusion Fittings

FRIATEC Electrofusion Tooling & Accessories

High Rise and HDPE Drainage Systems Support

Mechanical Couplings & Repair Clamps Support

PE Pressure Pipe for Drinking Water – Blue

PE Pressure Recycled Water Pipe – Purple

PE Systems Support

Philmac BSP Threaded Fittings

Philmac Metric Compression Fittings

Philmac Metric Tapping Saddles

Philmac Rural Compression Fittings

Philmac Valves

Process Piping Systems Support

Water Treatment Plant Upgrade - Dungog, NSW

PVC DWV & Stormwater Systems Support

PVC Pressure Systems Support

PVC Yellow Gas Pipe


PVC-U SCJ Pipe & Fittings

Rural Plus® PE Pipe – Green Stripe

StormFLO® Civil SN8 -Available VIC, SA & TAS

StormPRO® Installation Video Series

StormPRO® System SN8

Stormwater and Underground Drainage Systems

Stormwater Systems

Straub® Mechanical Couplings

Viking Johnson AquaFast

Vinidex Hydro® PVC-M

Vulcathene – Laboratory chemical drainage system

Product Support

Need some help? View our Product Support area for downloads, installations and jointing procedures.