The newest addition to Vinidex's RVASS range

Converge is a unique PVC aerator perfect for single stack system applications

Saves space in service risers with integrated vent tube = more useable floor area.

Ensures trap seal integrity thereby protecting building occupant health.

Less pipework = less penetrations, less time, less cost.

Seamless integration with other Vinidex PVC DWV piping soutions.

Limits excessive pressure differentials by slowing stack flow and maintaining the core column of air.

Design flexibility – a single aerator fitting offers 6 branch connection options.

The Vinidex Converge RVASS consists of:

1. Converge aerators at each floor where horizontal branches enter the stack (maximum vertical distance between Converge aerators is 5m)
2. Vinidex DN100 combination Expansion Joint and Inspection Opening
3. Vinidex DN100 PVC Pipe

The Converge RVASS Advantage

Converge PVC RVASS (Reduced Velocity Aerator Stack System) helps ensure trap seal integrity thereby protecting building occupant health. The key RVASS component – the Converge aerator – achieves this by:

  • Incorporating a vent tube to ensure the core column of air is maintained between the stack and branch lines limiting excessive pressure differentials.
  • Smoothly controlling the effluent speed in the stack and ensuring no dead zones exist where waste can build-up over time leading to long-term health concerns.

Watch the RVASS system advantage

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