Building Drainage Systems

At Vinidex our aim is to be the Building Drainage Systems supplier of choice.  By utilising the experience and know-how of the Aliaxis Group globally Vinidex is in a unique place to deliver market-leading drainage solutions for your building across the three main plastic product groups – PVC, PE and PP.  Global Reach, Local Presence….

Building drainage requirements include the capture and removal of rainwater, stormwater, or soil and waste from the building envelope.  As well as meeting the building’s unique drainage performance needs, the systems employed to perform these functions must satisfy minimum regulatory requirements including fire, noise, and health and amenity.

Vinidex, as an Aliaxis company, is able to provide a number of systems that meet your building’s unique requirements and deliver additional benefits including:

  • Faster installation
  • More usable building space
  • Lighter building loads
  • Less building material
  • Environmentally friendly


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