PVC Pressure Systems

Vinidex PVC pipes have been used for pressure applications in Australia since the 1960s. Today, PVC pressure systems are widely used for drinking water, recycled water, sewage and gas distribution.

Vinidex prides itself on manufacturing a comprehensive range of quality PVC pressure pipes and fittings, using only the finest raw materials and best practices within the industry.

PVC Pressure Systems Information

Vinidex manufactures a comprehensive range of quality PVC pressure pipes and fittings for complete pipe system requirements. Using only the highest class of raw materials and manufactured to meet Vinidex’s uncompromising standard of quality control, Vinidex offers a superior range of PVC pressure pipe systems for a large range of project requirements.

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PVC pressure pipes are manufactured from PVC resin compounded with stabilisers, lubricants and pigments. They do not contain any plasticisers and hence are known as unplasticised PVC or PVC-U.

PVC-U pipes have been used for pressure applications in Australia since the 1960s, but have a much longer service history elsewhere in the world. Over this time, different industries have recognised the many benefits of PVC for pressure pipes: material stability, corrosion resistance, high strength to weight ratio, ease of handling and installation and excellent flow characteristics.

Further developments in PVC pressure pipe technology has led to the introduction of oriented PVC and modified PVC pressure pipes.

Vinidex Supermain® Oriented PVC pressure pipe is the most advanced PVC pipe available. Bi-axial molecular orientation further enhances the mechanical properties of PVC, allowing energy efficient production whilst also providing considerable performance advantages. The result is a lighter weight pipe with an increased bore for greater flow capacity when compared with other PVC pipes. Orientation also results in improved impact resistance, greater ductility and high fatigue strength.

Vinidex Hydro® is a modified polyvinyl chloride or PVC-M pipe which extends the proven benefits of PVC pipes with enhancements in fracture behaviour and hydraulic efficiency. The addition of an impact modifier to the PVC formulation also increases the toughness and ductility of the material.

PVC pressure pipes are suitable for a wide range of pressure applications, including water supply, recycled water, irrigation, pressure sewerage, gas and industrial applications.

PVC pressure pipes are available in two diameter groups, Series 1 and Series 2, which denote the outside diameter of each group. Series 1 pipes have internationally compatible (ISO) outside diameters (mostly metric) whereas Series 2 pipes have ductile iron compatible outside diameters. Pipes are designated by their nominal size (DN) and their nominal working pressure (PN).

Pipes can be supplied in different colours for different intended applications. Series 1 pipes for drinking water are white, Series 2 pipes for drinking water are blue, pipes for recycled water are purple and pipes for pressure sewer applications are cream in colour. Gas pipes are yellow.

PVC pressure pipes are supplied in straight lengths with spigot and socket ends for ether Solvent Cement Jointing (SCJ) or Rubber Ring Jointing (RRJ).

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