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Learn about our sustainability initiatives, our goals and our passion to be the leading sustainable pipe manufacturer in Australia.




Australian Plastic Pipes are Smart, Efficient, Sustainable

The Plastics Industry Pipe Association of Australia has developed extensive information on the sustainability of Plastic Pipe systems.

Vinidex is committed to being a leader in sustainability


What is Vinidex doing?



Vinidex Products Engineered to Last

Delivering essential, everyday services and utilities

Complete systems and solutions to deliver essential services

Vinidex provides complete pipe systems and solutions which deliver clean drinking water to households and communities.


Plastic pipes are safe for households, communities, people and our planet

Vinidex pipes and fittings are safe for carrying drinking water and don’t corrode

Vinidex plastic pipes and fittings do not corrode and do not change the water chemistry.

The superior chemical resistance of Vinidex plastic pipes provides an essential way of safely conveying chemicals in aggressive environments. All Vinidex manufactured PVC, PE, PP pipes and fittings can be used safely when in contact with drinking water, as they are specifically tested to AS/NZS 4020. Download our statement of suitability.

Vinidex PVC, PE and PP manufactured products contain no heavy metals such as lead and cadmium, no phthalates; no dioxins and no BPAs.

Vinidex plastic pipes and fittings and manufacturing raw materials don’t pollute our waterways and oceans.

Vinidex is taking a leading role in Operation Clean Sweep® to reduce the risk of any plastic raw material loss into our waterways – read more

Vinidex has been manufacturing plastic pipes and fittings for over 60 years in Australia and led the way in the development of advanced material-efficient products such as Supermain® PVC-O.

Plastic pipes such as Vinidex Hydro® PVC-M and Supermain® PVC-O and PE are now the preferred choice in pressure water pipelines, due to their safety and superior performance.

Plastic pipes are the smart choice
– responsible and sustainable use of resources

Vinidex PVC, PE, PP pipes and fittings are fully recyclable

PVC, PE and PP pipes are thermoplastics and can be fully recycled. We internally recycle all manufactured scrap, so none of this goes to landfill.We can also take your old pipes and recycle them to make news ones. See more below on Recycling your pipes at Vinidex.

Vinidex is taking an active role in taking back old pipes, fittings or offcuts to recycle for reuse to give another long service life to the thermoplastic materials in these products.
We are also actively using post industrial and post consumer
recyclate for use in selected products.

Lower Carbon Footprint than alternatives

The manufacturing impact of plastic pipe production is low carbon and low emission. Plastic pipes have a lower embodied energy impact than other pipe system alternatives, outperforming other materials in life cycle analysis studies. See the PIPA website for comparison studies showing the lower carbon footprint of plastic pipe systems.

Vinidex undertakes life cycle analysis as part of our Environmental Product Declarations, which are independently verified.

Vinidex are leaders in innovation and development of sustainable products

Developing piping systems that improve industry solutions and provide a sustainable and innovative approach to existing pipeline needs.

Here is what we are doing:

  • Vinidex led the way in development of material efficient products (lower carbon footprint) such as Supermain® PVC-O and have recently released StormFLO® Civil and StormFLO® Rural, the latest in a long history of Vinidex sustainable innovations designed to better meet customer needs.

Vinidex is reducing the carbon footprint of products by efficient product design

Material efficient products reduce carbon footprint by using less material to achieve the same or superior custom engineered performance outcomes.  This produces savings in the use of raw materials, energy, transportation and installation costs. Vinidex material efficient products are highlighted below.

Vinidex PVC, PE and PP manufactured products contain no heavy metals, such as lead and cadmium, no phthalates, no dioxins and no BPAs.


  • StormFLO®

    StormFLO® Rural and StormFLO® Civil products are made using recycled PE whilst ensuring high quality, long service life and uncompromised performance.

    StormFLO® pipe systems are locally made in Australia to sAustralian Standards and international standards which specifically address the effect of recyclate on product quality. As well as being manufactured using recycled PE, StormFLO® pipes and fittings are 100% recyclable at the end of life supporting a circular economy.

  • Supermain® PVC-O

    Vinidex Supermain® oriented PVC pressure pipe is the most technically advanced PVC pipe available. Molecular orientation means PVC-O is double the strength of PVC-U or PVC-M material with significantly improved impact and point load resistance. The higher strength means around 50% less material is required for the same pressure class, reducing carbon footprint and giving the lowest embodied energy of any reticulation pressure pipe system (confirmed by the CSIRO). Supermain® is the high-performance, cost-effective pipe material choice for pressure applications.

  • Vinidex Hydro® PVC-M

    Vinidex Hydro® PVC-M is a modified PVC suitable for pressure applications for potable water, irrigation, fire fighting and some general industrial applications, with enhancements in fracture behaviour and hydraulic efficiency. Depending on size and class, Vinidex Hydro® offers weight savings in excess of 10% over normal PVC.

  • Corflo®

    Vinidex Corflo® is high-performance double-wall PVC pipe with a smooth internal bore and corrugated exterior for electrical and communications applications


  • StormPRO®

    Vinidex twin walled corrugated StormPRO®  stormwater pipe is a materially efficient and sustainable solution for stormwater and drainage applications in road, rail, infrastructure, mining, rural and land development.

Vinidex is changing our product packaging – less packaging and better environmentally

Here is what we are doing:

  • The Vinidex well-known white box packaging has been replaced with unbleached boxes containing recycled content.
  • Vinidex has changed the way we pack our fittings, removing excess plastic bagging in a number of products
  • Customers are requested to dispose of packaging with local waste recyclers
  • Vinidex are able to take back timber pallets nationwide to reuse for future deliveries.

Over 2020-2021 Vinidex has taken back over 14,000 pallets returned from our customers to reuse for product deliveries

We aim to achieve 100% renewable electricity to power our manufacturing plants by 2025.

And we aim to reduce our CO2 per tonne of production by 75% by 2025.

For further information on our Sustainability practices, initiatives and research contact Vinidex here.

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