General Resistance of Elastomers

Material and Designation Generally Resistant to Generally not Resistant to
Natural Rubber
Most moderate chemicals
– wet or dry
Organic Acids Strong Acids
Alcohols Fats
Ketones Oils
Aldehydes Greases
Most hydrocarbons
Styrene Butadiene Rubber
As for Natural Rubber As for Natural Rubber
Moderate chemicals and acids Strong oxidising acids
Ozone Esters
Fats Ketones
Greases Chlorinated, Aromatic and nitro hydrocarbons
Many oils and solvents
Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer
Animal and Vegetable oils Mineral oils and solvents
Ozone Aromatic hydrocarbons
Strong and oxidising chemicals
Nitrile Rubber
Many hydrocarbons Ozone
Fats Ketones
Oils Esters
Greases Aldehydes
Hydraulic fluids Chorinated and nitro hydrocarbons

Source: Uni-Bell PVC Pipe Association – Handbook of PVC Pipe

Chemical Resistance Table for Elastomers

Chemical Performance of Elastomers (PDF)

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