PE Concrete Encasement

Where PE pipes are encased in concrete, precautions should be taken to avoid deformation or flotation of the pipe or during placement of the concrete. The hydrostatic buckling pressure should not be exceeded.

Where the pipe enters or exits a structure and damage could occur as a result of movement of the pipe relative to its surroundings, the pipe should be protected by a compressible membrane such as PE, PVC, petrolatum tape or felt in this zone.

Where expansion joints are provided in a concrete slab, expansion joints should be provided at the same point in the pipeline. At these points a flexible membrane should be provided to prevent shear stresses developing across the joint.

PE pipes behave as flexible structures when externally loaded. Concrete encasement may compromise this flexibility and care needs to be exercised by the designer that the system is designed to accommodate the imposed stresses. For more information see Concrete encasement and grouting of plastics pressure pipes (VX-TN-12J).

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