PRO & FLO Above Ground Installation

For above-ground applications StormPRO® and StormFLO® must be adequately supported in order to prevent sagging and excessive distortion.

Clamp, saddle, angle, spring or other standard types of supports and hangers may be used where necessary. Pipe hangers should not be over-tightened.

StormPRO® and StormFLO® should be supported at regular intervals as detailed below, always with one support located directly behind the socket. These support spacings are based on the pipe carrying water at 20ºC. Note that where temperatures in excess of 20ºC are likely, the support spacing should be reduced.

Maximum Horizontal Support Spacing
Nominal Diameter (mm) Maximum Horizontal Support Spacing (m)
150 1.25
225 1.6
300 1.9
375 2.15
450 2.5
525 2.75
600 3
750 3
900 3

The supports should provide a bearing surface of 120º under the base of the pipes and should be at least two corrugations wide. The pipes should be protected from damage at the supports with the provision of a membrane of PE, PVC or rubber.

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