PRO & FLO Cut-ins and Repairs


To cut into an existing buried StormPRO® and StormFLO® pipeline and install a socketed junction or other socketed fitting, the following procedure should be adopted:

  1. Expose the existing pipe and cut out a length equal to the effective length of the fitting, plus approximately 600mm.
  2. Connect 300mm long short pipes to the junction sockets and fit rubber rings to the spigot ends of the short pipes.
  3. Fit slip couplings to the cut ends of the existing pipe and install junction.


When selecting the required repair method, it is necessary to differentiate between minor and more extensive damage.

Minor or localised damage should be limited to small holes in the pipe. In these situations, bolt tensioned wrap-around stainless steel repair fittings can be used. It is important to note that this type of fitting has no positive stop and must only be tightened in accordance with the manufacturers’ torque settings.

Damage caused by excavators or other machinery will inevitably involve some structural damage to the pipe, and should be cut out and replaced using slip couplings.

To view the procedure for the repair of PRO and FLO pipes using slip couplings, please click here.

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