Akasison Siphonics enters the Australian market

Rainwater drainage design in Australian buildings is evolving, driven by factors including technology and post-pandemic purchasing behaviour, an arid climate and the need for water conservation, and ever-increasing construction costs.

These factors led Vinidex to approach another Aliaxis business in Akatherm for support in bringing the Akasison siphonics philosophy to rainwater drainage downunder.  Strictly speaking despite the name, siphonic roof drainage does not work as a traditional siphon and move water uphill (that would be something!!).  Instead, the approach makes use of gravity induced vacuum pumping to carry water horizontally from multiple roof outlets to a single downpipe and to increase flow velocity.


This design philosophy makes siphonics the ideal approach to respond, by delivering benefits including:
The ability to quickly and efficiently remove large volumes of rainwater from vast roof areas – ideal as the number of large distribution centres grows with shopping moving online;
The option to transport the harvested rainwater away from the roof area to standalone storage tanks due to the available gravitational energy – perfect for rainwater recycling; and
A reduction in the required number and size of downpipes, the option of running collector pipes horizontally and minimising the amount of below ground work – leading to lower overall building costs and more usable space.


To achieve these benefits requires specialist design of the rainwater drainage system as part of a complete solution offered to the building asset owner, supported by Vinidex and Akasison.
The Akasison siphonics range will be distributed by Cook’s Plumbing Supplies in Queensland and New South Wales.



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