Why WorkFlow?

  • Features
    • Traceability of all work activities
    • Simplified on-site installation
    • Greater transparency
    • Automated protocol generation
    • Better damage limitation
  • Benefits

    No more paper clutter
    Filling out fusion protocols by hand? That’s in the past. Collecting slips of paper with notes? Over. Making printouts and distributing them? Forget it! WorkFlow does it all automatically, and without time-consuming administrative tasks.

    Live tracking on the construction site
    How is the installation work going? You can track construction progress in real time from the site container or from the office – without losing information or time, just as if you were right thereon site.

    Around the clock and everywhere
    All projects with every piece of information at your fingertips – fusion data, components and fittings, photos and comments as well as geodata and maps are synchronised via the cloud. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in real time and in WorkFlow Mobile as well as Workflow Web.

    Minimise errors
    Sure, mistakes happen. But they shouldn’t. WorkFlow significantly reduces the risk of documentation errors. Ensuring reliable documentation and secure control, but also less sweat on your brow.

    Protocol generation at the touch of a button
    The Bluetooth enabled fusion unit and WorkFlow Mobile make it possible – press once and you’re ready to go. All fusion operations are digitally processed and protocols can be created as csv, xls, pdf or DVS reports.

    Teamwork at its best
    Construction sites are teamwork – which is precisely why everyone should always have an overview. With WorkFlow, the team always has the information they need. And not only the team on the site, but everyone you invite to a project. From the supervisor to the office staff to partner companies.

    All components at a glance
    Where are the components installed? With the map-based component view, you will never ask yourself this question again. Thanks to GPS data, the exact location of all components is displayed on a map.

    Security with no ifs or buts
    First and foremost: all interactions between smartphone, cloud and browser are encrypted using SSL. And all data and content collected during use are and remain yours. We only use anonymised product data – such as error messages

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WorkFlow in 60secs movie

Quick Reference FRIATEC Electrofusion PE Fittings Guide

20240219_VIN341B Quick Installation Guide_PE Friatec Electrofusion Fittings

Introduction to WorkFlow




Quick Reference FRIATEC Electrofusion PE Fittings Guide

Product Downloads

Introduction to WorkFlow


FRIAMAT App Guide.pdf

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