Fittings for PE Pipe

Vinidex supplies a complete range of polyethylene (PE) fittings from global leaders with the latest manufacturing technologies. Our partners are PE specialists, supplying reputable products and reliable solutions.

PE Fittings Information

Vinidex PE pipe is manufactured in sizes ranging from 16mm to 1200mm and can be jointed using a variety of techniques and fittings systems.

Vinidex supplies a comprehensive range of PE fittings sourced from highly reputable partners including Philmac compression, threaded fittings, saddles and valves. Philmac is a global leader in the design and manufacture of specialist fittings and valves, providing cost-effective solutions.

Electrofusion welding is a successful and popular method of welding two PE pipes together. It entails using an electrical current that is passed through a wire coil embedded in the fitting’s internal surface. The heat generated melts the two polyethylene surfaces resulting in a homogeneous fusion joint between the pipe and fitting surfaces. The FRIATEC patented Electrofusion Fittings system is world leading and comprises the FRIALEN PN16 range of fittings from 16mm to 1200mm. The range includes couplers, bends, tees, transition fittings and tapping saddles.

Vinidex also offers a range of spigot ended fittings that are suitable for use in either butt fusion or electrofusion jointing applications. The Vinidex Spigot Fittings Range is available in flanges, tees, bends, elbows and reducers in sizes from 20mm up to 1000mm depending on fitting design.

Fusion tools, pipe scrapers, clamps and many other accessories for fusion jointing are also available from Vinidex.

Product Support

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