PVC pipe is the world’s most widely used medium for conveyance of fluids.

After centuries of use of ancient materials such as clay, lead, iron and more recently steel, Ductile Iron and asbestos cement, PVC has, in a comparatively short 70 years, invaded all of the traditional applications of these materials to become the premier pipe material, measured by length or value, in the world today.

The product has well recognised advantages of immunity to corrosion, chemical and micro-/macro-biological resistance, hydraulic capacity, ease of handling and installation together with toughness and flexibility. Its widespread applications are largely attributable to these features.

Pipe applications fall into two broad categories primarily determined by the dominance of either internal pressure or external loading over design. They are referred to as ‘pressure’ or ‘non-pressure’ applications.

The following pages cover pipe selection, design and installation for pressure applications.

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