Chemical Resistance of PP Pipes

StormPRO®  polypropylene pipes are resistant to corrosion by aggressive soils and substances typically found in sewage effluent, including most industrial discharges. Therefore, the question of chemical resistance is likely to arise only if the pipes are used in unusual circumstances.

Chemical resistance is affected by concentration, temperature, period of contact and stress. Polypropylene is resistant to weak inorganic acids, organic acids, alcohols, ammonia and oxidising salts and has limited resistance to aliphatic hydrocarbons, esters, ketones and ethers. Polypropylene is generally not recommended for aromatic and halogenated hydrocarbons.

Vinidex PRO fittings are manufactured from PVC, PP or PE, depending on size and configuration. These plastics materials have been proven in sewer applications for over 50 years and have excellent resistance to any substances found in normal sewage effluent. Pollution control measures mean that these plastics materials can be safely used in any sewerage network, including areas accepting industrial discharges. Users should check local authority requirements.

For more details or to check resistance to specific chemicals, refer to Chemical resistance tables below.

Chemical Resistance Table

Important Information

The listed data are based on results of immersion tests on specimens, in the absence of any applied stress. In certain circumstances, where the preliminary classification indicates high or limited resistance, it may be necessary to conduct further tests to assess the behaviour of pipes and fittings under internal pressure or other stresses.

Variations in the analysis of the chemical compounds as well as in the operating conditions (pressure and temperature) can significantly modify the actual chemical resistance of the materials in comparison with this chart’s indicated value.

It should be stressed that these ratings are intended only as a guide to be used for initial information on the material to be selected. They may not cover the particular application under consideration and the effects of altered temperatures or concentrations may need to be evaluated by testing under specific conditions. No guarantee can be given in respect of the listed data. Vinidex reserves the right to make any modification whatsoever, based upon further research and experiences.

Chemical Performance of PP (PDF)

Rubber Ring Joints (Elastomers)

Chemical resistance of Rubber Ring Joints may be assessed by reference to Chemical Resistance of Elastomers.

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