Drilling Equipment – FWAB XL


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  • Drilling equipment FWAB XL for drilling HD-PE pipes in unpressurised condition through the outlet spigot SA-XL.
  • Drive with drilling machine. Consisting of hole saw (nominal width-related), hole saw adapter SDS max, extension for hole saw adapter, centre drill with ejector and retaining shell, and 1 x hexagon wrench.
  • The tool is delivered in a handy aluminium transport box.
Vinidex Code Friatools Code Outlet Dimension Hole Saw Description
89506 613832 d 90 FWAB-XL 90 Tapping Drill Set
89507 613833 d 110 FWAB-XL 110 Tapping Drill Set
89508 613834 d 125 FWAB-XL 125 Tapping Drill Set
89208 613829 d 160 123 mm Holesaw VacSadd 160d (123 hole)
89209 613830 d 225 172 mm Holesaw VacSadd 225d (172 hole)
89210 613831 d 250 187 mm Holesaw VacSadd 250d (187 hole)

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