PRESSKO – Plunger for VACUSET XL Clamping Unit


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  • Nominal width-related plunger with stop plate and plug connection NW 7.2 for assembly on the FRIALEN XL spigot saddle SA-XL with outlet d 160, d 225 or d 250 and for the connection of the VACUSET XL.
Vinidex Code Friatool Code Spigot Saddle Outlet Dimension Description
89204 613821 FRIALEN SA-XL d 160 Plunger for Vac Set 160mm
89205 613822 FRIALEN SA-XL d 225 Plunger for Vac Set 225mm
89206 613823 FRIALEN SA-XL d 250 Plunger for Vac Set 250 SA-XL
89207 613823 FRIAFIT ASA-VL d 225 Plunger for Vac Set 250 ASA-TL

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