Straub Coupling Sealing Sleeve Materials

Straub Couplings can be supplied with a number of different sealing sleeve materials. The temperature range and fluids for which each material is suitable is given in the table below. See the individual tables below for the sealing sleeves available with each coupling type.

Material Temperature Range Fluids
EPDM -30°C to +100°C all qualities of water, waste water, air, solids and chemical products
NBR -20°C to +80°C water, gas, oil, fuel and other hydrocarbons
H-NBR -20°C to +125°C water, gas, oil and fuel and other hydrocarbons
FPM/FKM -20°C to +180°C ozone, oxygen, acids, gas, oil & fuel (only with strip insert)


Straub Coupling Material Grades
W1 Hot Dipped Galvanised Casing Bolts and Bars
W2 Stainless Steel Casing, Mild Steel Bolts and Bars
W4 304 Grade Stainless Steel casing, 316 Grade Bolts and Bars
W5 316 Grade Casing, Bolts and Bars
W5 LDX Duplex Stainless Steel Casing, 316 Grade Bolts and Bars (Only available on Flex, Step-Flex & Open-Flex LV Versions)

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